Are you excited about flying? Looking for planes in the sky? Looking out on the runways every time you go through an airport? If this bacterium is in your blood – there are five things you would probably want to place high in your BactList.


To sit in seat 1A

I do not know exactly why but there is something very joyous about Session 1A. Something prestigious like that, like winning a little contest. As if you are the most important passenger on the flight.

The intention, of course, is for seat 1A on an airplane that has a premium class – or, better, several Premium Classes – rather than a 1A seat on some occasional Locust flight where preferred seats on the first row are sold for a few extra dollars.

 American 77W First Class Seat 1A

Naturally Session 1A is a very sought after seat. Sometimes the airline blocks it for an advance reservation or keeps it high-ranking in its airport club, and sometimes it is simply booked months in advance by an interested traveler.


Apart from the psychological aura, Session 1A usually offers a better flight experience. First of all – as a seat in the front row he ensures that other passengers will not sit before you and being a seat next to the window is guaranteed higher privacy. In Boeing 747, many Boeing 1A seats are the twin brother of seat 1K and both are in the nose of the plane, in front of the first class on the lower floor, and are often considered the best seats because they offer very private suites.

Fly around the world

Quite basic: Every true aviation fan must surround the world at least once in his life, preferably in premium departments of leading companies so that the experience will be particularly pleasant.

At the end of last year I published the post " around the world with six bonus cards " in which I described the journey of a close friend who chose to surround the world as part of a joint visit to Hawaii I got there and returned on other flights). You are welcome to view this post to get an impression of his experiences, and the fact is that this trip was an important memory for him as an aviation enthusiast. A few months ago I published the post " around the world with four bonus cards " in which I demonstrated how to surround the world with relatively simple and not very expensive bonus tickets.


Of course the journey around the world should not be for the sake of traveling alone. This is a great opportunity to stop at some interesting destinations along the way – preferably those you have not visited before. In addition, anyone who takes the time to plan a trip around the world will surely find that there is a lot of fun in the planning itself.

Fly on the top floor of the Queen of Heaven

The Queen of the Skies is the well-known name for the Boeing 747. This model was first used in the early 1970s in the United States and has become very popular, and is popular to this day. The 747 was the first two-storey aircraft and was the only one until the A380 appeared in 2005.

 Korean Air Boeing 747-8

Traditionally the second floor of the 747 is reserved for the business department, although this is not necessarily necessary. If there is a first class plane it will usually be in the front part of the lower floor – because the approach is easier (no need to climb to the second floor) and this area of ​​the plane is quieter during the flight. Also, the upper floor is narrower and feels slightly claustrophobic to some passengers.

 Cathay Pacific Boeing 747 Upper Deck Business Class

In any case, there is something super-exciting the first time you enter the 747 and climb the stairs to the top floor. It is such an initiation ceremony that every aviation enthusiast owes himself, especially the kingdom of heaven. This is really one of the most unique feelings I have experienced in the aviation world.

Fly on A380

The Boeing 747 changed the world of aviation. Super-jumbo, as they called it, was a giant in a world of giants. Until one day a giant who even dwarfed it arrived.

The A380 is a monster of scale that makes everyone wonder how such a large piece of metal can fly in the air. This aircraft, in an extreme configuration of a tourist class only, can accommodate over 850 seats with a surface area of ​​nearly 600 square meters. The A380, therefore, is larger than the 747 by about 50% in most of its dimensions – including wing, weight, surface area, altitude, etc.

 Airbus A380 on the Runway

Despite its size, the A380 is a very surprising plane. It is quiet – both in the sky and in the passengers, it is stable, it takes off at a relatively low speed and requires a not very long runway.

 Lufthansa Airbus A380

There are many interesting planes in the sky but there is no doubt that the most special of them is the A380.

Shower in the sky

OK, it might not be 'Must', so we'll treat it as a bonus.

Nowadays amateur aviation can enjoy a great deal of luxuries while flying at high altitudes. He can enjoy a seat that becomes a flat bed, can drink champagne, can use wireless internet, can watch movies on a wide-screen TV, can sit in a bar with friends in the business class and even drink a high-quality Heineken Lager beer specially adapted for cruising aircraft.


But only two airlines – the Irihad Airways and Emirates – offer showers on commercial A380s, but what …. These showers are for first-class passengers only in both companies.

There is something more extreme, more unnecessary and more 'wow' than showering at 35,000 feet? What used to be a dream can be yours with the right bonus card, and it should not even be terribly expensive.

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