Passenger Sybil Ferguson, during the mid-air emergency.


Passenger Sybil Ferguson, all through the mid-air crisis.

30-five yrs back currently, Kiwis were being amongst the 247 passengers aboard a British Airways jet who said their past goodbyes as they plunged towards the ocean. Jimmy Ellingham looks back on 15 minutes of fear.

They were being a captive audience and they were being about to die.

Some prayed, some held their loved ones near, some served full strangers, but they all knew their time was up.

The cover image of Betty Ferguson's book 'All Four Engines Have Failed'.


The protect impression of Betty Ferguson’s ebook ‘All Four Engines Have Failed’.

It was June 24, 1982, and British Airways Flight BA 009 was on the Kuala Lumpur-to-Perth leg of its mammoth London-to-Auckland journey.

According to press reviews from the time, about 100 passengers were being sure for New Zealand.

As the Boeing 747 flew 37,000 ft above the sea in close proximity to Indonesia, catastrophe struck. First a person motor flamed out, then another, then another.

Betty Ferguson, in the 1980s.


Betty Ferguson, in the nineteen eighties.

Unthinkably, the fourth a person shed power also. Unusual illuminated particles lit up the sky outside the house and smoke stuffed the cabin.

The circumstance was dire and all people knew it.

“I imagine a good deal of individuals all of a sudden grew to become spiritual once again, or picked up in which they’d remaining off some yrs back and felt comfortable in doing so,” suggests Betty Ferguson, who, then called Betty Tootell, was aboard the flight with her mother Phyl Welch.

Alex Eastwood realised something was up when he saw smoke coming through the vents.


Alex Eastwood realised some thing was up when he saw smoke coming by way of the vents.

The pair, from England, had settled on Auckland’s North Shore and were being returning to their adopted residence.

As it grew to become crystal clear a disaster was deepening, oxygen masks dropped and darkness descended in the cabin, however there was no mass panic as the plane began gliding towards the sea, without power.

Rather, a feeling of stoicism stuffed passengers and crew, who shuffled up and down the aisles featuring forlorn reassurance.

The plane's interior, before the crisis hit.


The plane’s interior, just before the disaster strike.

Ferguson, now ninety one, remembers a person flight attendant inquiring if she and her mother were being Alright.

“I said, ‘yes, we are fine’. We were being just about anything but fantastic … Someone said to the chief [attendant] ‘you were being fortunate’. He said: ‘I had a rigid higher lip, but my decrease lip was trembling a bit’, which I believed was attractive,” Ferguson suggests.

She and her mother comforted every other as most effective they could and even joked about putting an oxygen mask on the golliwog the pair had as their journey mascot.

The Boeing 747, called


The Boeing 747, called “The Town of Edinburgh”, the working day just after its terrifying flight.

Aucklander Alex Eastwood, now eighty four, and his daughter Christina were being also on the flight.

They were being seated apart, but Eastwood managed to briefly check out on her and uncovered her holding the hands of two guys sitting down in her row.

Eastwood had realised some thing was up when he smelled smoke, contemplating fellow passengers ought to be lighting up in the non-smoking area.

“Then I noticed the smoke coming through the vents … The future detail that really startled me was the truth that some of the correct-side motor was flaming.”

He believed the plane had been shot at.

Aiding passengers around him, he didn’t dwell also a great deal on his most likely fate.

And even though the cabin crew were being putting on a courageous community confront, Eastwood saw the terror in their eyes when they retreated driving their curtain – and at a person stage two attendants gave every other a terrified embrace.

Some passengers scribbled notes to family members, other people worried about being eaten by sharks, as the plane violently shuddered amid the eerie whistling seem that replaced the typical motor sound.

Ferguson’s transferring ebook about the disaster, All Four Engines Have Failed, detailed the views of almost 200 of those people aboard for the terrifying 15 or so minutes they believed were being their past.

At a person stage the captain, Eric Moody, sent a crackling concept over the failing cabin speaker method. Read by few, it said: “Females and gentlemen. This is your captain speaking. We have a smaller dilemma. All four engines have stopped. We are doing our damnedest to get them going once again. I rely on you are not in also a great deal distress.”

Up in the cockpit, Moody and his staff were being doing work time beyond regulation. They had no strategy what was triggering the flame-outs.

Gliding as low as 12,000 ft, they turned back again towards Indonesia.

Inevitably, just after dozens of tries, the engines re-begun. Just one was no excellent, but a few powered the plane back again to Jakarta.

Approaching the airport, Moody had virtually zero eyesight out of the cockpit window as the glass was scratched and splintered. But he and his crew created it.

“The entire crew were magnificent. They worked out a way to save the plane. They went by way of the guide back again and forward,” Eastwood suggests.

On the ground, the intensive damage the Boeing’s exterior experienced was disclosed.

Investigations uncovered that the flight had flown through a volcanic ash cloud from an erupting Mt Galunggung​ in West Java. It was invisible to weather conditions radar and its ash clogged the engines and scratched each and every floor.

Passengers used the evening in a resort until eventually a substitution flight arrived to get them home – except five, who were being deported to Singapore.

Regardless of their ordeal, two Polish women and Portuguese couple Jose and Izabel da Silva weren’t authorized entry to Indonesia as the nations had no diplomatic relations.

The passengers and crew held in touch for yrs, reuniting under the banner of the Galunggung Gliding Club.

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