San Francisco International Airport ⇢ Frankfurt Airport || United Airlines (UA) 926 || Boeing 747-400

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▸ Airline: United Airlines (UA)
▸ Flightnumber: United Airlines (UA) 926
▸ Date: 9. – 10. August 2016; 8/9-10/2016
▸ Flight Time: 10h 1min
▸ Seat: 48K
▸ Travel Class: Economy Class
▸ Aircraft: Boeing 747-422
▸ Registration: N178UA
▸ First Flight: 23. October 1990
▸ Flight Route: 🇺🇸 San Francisco International Airport (IATA: SFO; ICAO: KSFO) ⇢ 🇩🇪 Frankfurt Airport (IATA: FRA; ICAO: EDDF)
▸ San Francisco International Airport: 0:00
▸ Boarding: 4:22
▸ Taxiing: 7:17
▸ Take-Off: 12:05
▸ Dinner: 15:45
▸ Breakfast: 21:11
▸ Approach: 25:44
▸ Landing: 28:07
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⚠️ NOTE: I apologize for the bad lighting conditions during the flight. The board crew switched of the cabin lights so that i could only use the lights on my seat. But they did not have a good luminosity. I tried to do my best to take some good shots.
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  1. If I ever book a longhaul flight and see that there's no PTVs, I'm gonna cancel the trip right then and there, even if it's on the same day as booking. (I try not to book a last minute ticket)

  2. It disgusts me to see that Continental livery with the United name. I miss that airline, Continental always game through on good service and good planes. I wish the merger never happened. Why couldn't the FTC block this one?

  3. UA has 10 across 777 seating on the new 77W and on the Hawaii fleet. The rest is 9 across in a 3-3-3 configuration. The 77W does have seatback screens, while the Hawaii fleet doesn't. If Trump doesn't extend the electronics ban even further, not having seatback screens isn't really a problem as these planes have wifi and in seat power. You need both of those to have good IFE without the need for seatback screens, as long as they clearly announce that one needs to have the UA app for it to work. I like the new device holder and I hope that it's possible to add it to other aircraft with those seats. I like that you can watch United movies on your phone. Its pretty neat to be able to watch long movies on short haul flights, but you probs won't finish them. Yeah, I am a UAL fanboy but im honest. :3333

    I've heared that United has refurbished some of its 747's and they now have IFE screens. Love the triple 7's that have IFE doe.

  4. Hey!
    Ein wirklich sehr, sehr schönes Video! 🙂
    Aber ist das normal, dass United Airlines in ihren 747 keine Displays an jedem Platz anbietet?
    Ich finde es ziemlich krass, denn es ist ein verdammt langer Flug..
    Ich bin bisher "erst" 3 mal mit United geflogen. Zwei mal mit einer 737-900 und einmal mit der 777-200. Und selbst bei der 737-900 auf einem knapp 2 1/2 Stunden Flug hatte in jeder Klasse jeder ein eigenes Display, so wie es eigentlich auf jedem Langstreckenflug sein sollte..

    Sonst aber wie gesagt ein wirklich tolles Video!
    Liebe Grüße 🙂

  5. On my last Washington – London flight, we were on a UAL 757-200. They had retrofitted personal IFE with a good collection of new film releases, all for free. I was actually very impressed by the food. Way better than I remember it being on previous flights. I think UAL (as well as American) is playing a bit of catch-up with other international operators, but I think that's good to see. I'd rather them be attempting to catch up than just saying "screw you things are going to stay the way they were in 30 years ago".

  6. I love this video! One of the most shocking things that I've seen was that there was no any IFE (TV screen monitor) in the plane! That's a total rip off!

  7. I can't believe that United Airlines dosen't have private tv screen in their 747s. I am scheduled to fly with United Airlines to States in February next year. I think I have to look for better airlines.

  8. wow. On United Internation Economy no IFE, that dinner was disgusting and the aircraft had to be at least 30 years old. No wonder no one wants to fly on United.

  9. No IFE for such a long flight? That´s a shame!!!! On that route with that plane i´d never travel with United Airlines! I mean come on……….we´re not in the nineties!

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