View a timelapse of the assembly and testing of the GEnx-2B which powers the Boeing 747-8. GE is committed to innovation in aircraft engines.


  1. If one of those hit a building… would it break into a trillion tiny pieces?.. or melt?… or go through it like nothing, and hit another building?.. its ever been tested?!?

  2. What is that dome (ball? Hexagon?) structure they put on the head of the engine when they hook the engine up to the test structure?

    Don't curse, I know my question formulation is horrible.

  3. Is this the version that is subjected to FAA's recent Airwothiness Directive that mandates all Boeing 787s to use older engine versions because the newer generation has had in-flight shutdown events due to ice?

  4. i know nothing about this but what's blending? A friend told me that when you first start working at GE aviation they start you off with blending but he didn't explain to me properly so now I really want to know what that is and what you do??

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