Unknown source, unexpected aileron roll with commercial flight Virgin Atlantic Boeing 747.
Song: Gojira & Planet H feat. DOC – Dă-i Mai Tare (goo.gl/8mXUF4)
For all of you, who mistake barrel roll with aileron, learn the difference:


  1. I love that people are still debating the physics of this video whilst not realizing that it's one of the greatest commercials of all time. Do any of you really think that 5 insanely hot girls just happened to be in a car together in an airfield, started playing a song licensed by VIRGIN RECORDS, got out of the car and did a perfectly choreographed dance to said song whilst a VIRGIN ATLANTIC plane did a barrel roll above them? Is your question REALLY whether or not a passenger plane could do this?

  2. Of course the 747 was recorded from a simulation program and inserted into this video. Any aircraft on final approach will be flying too slowly to execute this maneuver without a fatal crash.

  3. I knew it was fake from the start. Virgin's 747-400 aircrafts do NOT have "Virgin" written on the wing tips. They have the British flag as the wingtips. Never ever have they ever had virgin written on them for the 747.

  4. Is a fake, probably using Editing program software such as After Effects. It was made to promote the Richard Branson's airline: Virgin Atlantic.

    But any airplane can be rolled under certain circumstances, but a 747 on landing configuration and at approach speed will stall as the angle of bank increases the stall speed.

    There are about 6 well known cases of such rolls. First well documented is a Boeing 707 doing a barrel roll by pilot Tex Johnson in 1955. You can also look up the Fed Ex highjacking year 1995? Flight 705.

    In every case the pilots were or had been former fighter & test pilots, and the aircraft were empty except for the crew ( not in the case of the 707 rolled by the Boeing Chief test pilot) fb/@videoclips

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