Arrival at SXM after departing from Amsterdam.


  1. That was nice and firm indeed, they didn't waste any runway! Nice view of the condensation off the flaps, very cool.

  2. You can already see that the aircraft was slightly above profile. That runway isn't very long and the fact that there's a huge ass hill on the other side doesn't help. They were running out of space and fast. Go visit the chiropractor you winy kids.

  3. Obviously too hot with a deep sink rate. The pilot was likely tired, or unaware of the sink rate. Any landing u walk away from is a good landing my Navy instructor use to say jokingly.

  4. Something tells me that the pilot was coming in too fast and slammed it to the ground to initiate the stop as soon as possible.

  5. Este aterrizaje confirma lo confiables que son estos aviones despues de soportar este duro golpe sin ningun inconveniente.

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