Full flight from Sao Paulo GRU to Frankfurt am Main FRA on a Lufthansa Boeing 747-830.
This is D-ABYM and was delivered to Lufthansa in Feb, 2014
This is currently the longest airliner in service, with a length of 76.3 m, followed by the A340-600, B777-300 and A380.
This plane is equipped with four GEnx-2B67
It’s hard to appreciate it from inside, but this plane has a wingspan of 68.5 m (4.1 m more than the 747-400).
The 747-8 (747-830 in this case) looks great from outside and has a totally new cabin with 777-style overhead bins.
There’s also a forward and down-facing camera. The image can be viewed in the individual screen.
Unfortunately, the Boeing 747-8i (passenger version) has not sold so well. Only three airlines operate it: Lufthansa, Korean Airlines and Air China.
Nowadays, there are only two airlines operating the 747 to/from GRU: BA and LH. It’s been said that BA will shortly replace it with a 772/W in order to reduce capacity.
Lufthansa offers a great inflight service, considering the meals and IFE. Being Madrid my final destination, I could have chosen a much shorter route. I chose this one just to fly on the 747-8 and to fly with Lufthansa.
However, I must say that I am VERY UPSET with the Miles & More program. I will publish a video in a few days explaining what happened.
One thing that was quite strange is that at the moment of booking Lufthansa will charge you for seat assignment (that option is free if you wait until 23 hours before the flight). Most major carriers don’t do this. In any case, it is not compulsory. The price varies according to the segment, but for this flight I paid approximately USD 36. That’s not cheap, but I wanted to have a good view and it was my first time on the 747-8. As I would be flying 4 segments, I decided to do it only for the first one.
My conclusion is that it’s not worth doing that. Despite the plane was full, at the moment of check in (starting 23 hours prior to departure), there were lots of good seats available. I could have saved my money for a better cause…
I’m a great fan of the 747…with the -8, I can say that I have flown in all its versions, including the -100, -SP, -200, -300, -400, -400M and -8i.
Unfortunately, towards the end of the flight, my camera fell onto the window frame and the lens ended up dislodged. Luckily, I had my cell phone handy and could film the landing with it.

Equipment: Boeing 747-8i / -830
Asiento/Assento/Poltrona/Seat: 29K

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  1. hard landing is necessary due the wet runway for the Security, this may be suggested by the Tower to the Crew. It seems to rain in FRA during the Landing Performance.

  2. I'm a huge fan of the 748-&, it's a great aircraft, comfortable quiet, good seats more molded to your back unlike the older conventional flat seats.

  3. Fantastic job filming. I enjoyed the written narration and detailed explanation for each segment. Very nicely done and thoroughly enjoyable to me. That landing though… wow! It sounded like the plane broke apart on landing…

  4. Love the video !!!! Love to fly !i have flown dents from lax to San Jose Costa Rica ! I paid $36.00 dollars to get a nice window seat close to the exit door ! Love it ! Thanks for sharing it !! Greetings from California purA vida

  5. Wonderful report:)) please have a check on my channel by any chance:)) detailed review, it would be better if star alliance lounge at São Paulo could be included!!!

  6. Great video. I was at the dedication ceremony at IAD when the first ever commercial 747-8 flight landed from FRA. Beautiful plane.

  7. Excellent video. Real time commentary. Superbe filming without any distraction to the overall flight content. Including meal services and products, to general features that are associated to the aircraft onboard.

  8. Watching this now ,…..since June ,  I have lost many videos that my subscriptions uploaded,….had personal problems….

  9. Very nice! I once did exactly the same: fly from Sao Paulo to London with Lufthansa also because I wanted to experience the 747-8.

  10. muito bom esse video… vou voar para Frankfurt e depois Berlin saindo de Guarulhos semana que vem nesse mesmo Aviao . me diz uma coisa , tem alguma entrada USB para recarregar meu celular? ou tomada para o notebook? e voce teve quantas refeicoes? espero que responda… ajudou bastante seu video 😉

  11. Excelente vídeo! Vou voar nessa blzura em menos de um mês… Por acaso vc lembra qual assento vc escolheu? Achei ótimo o visual do seu lugar!!!

    Parabéns mais uma vez!

  12. I like how detailed you are about explainging the planes config aswell as food and other stuff. Subscribing for sure. Great video, thank you for sharing.

  13. Great video, I rarely watch economy flights the whole way through, but yours was an exception. What I didn't lie were the uniforms of the girls in the safety video – they looked horrible!

  14. Olá! Já me inscrevi e já me tornei um fã!
    Você participa do fórum contato radar?
    Sempre quis gravar vídeos, mas geralmente fico com receio do flight crew não gostar ,sabe?

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