Includes the takeoff from Los Angeles International Airport KLAX/LAX and the landing at Amsterdam Schiphol International Airport EHAM/AMS

Filmed 2/14/17… Valentine’s Day 2017!
What better way for an avgeek to spend Valentine’s Day than on a date with the “Queen of the Skies”!!

Yep! I flew there and back simply to fly on this airplane at least once more before they retire these beauties from the fleet forever.

Food was good, flight was great, the airplane was even better.
C’mon. When it comes to airline reviews, everything’s pretty much already been said and done so I’m not gonna give a lengthy written description here.
…and KLM Royal Dutch Airlines is an awesome airline.

Here’s yours truly simply coasting around in the blue, enjoying the pure and sweet sensation of flight.

That feeling of flying never gets old.

LAX-AMS, About the Flight
Aircraft: PH-BFE KLM Royal Dutch Airlines Boeing 747-406M

Engines: 4x GE CF6-80C2B1F

Flight: KLM#602

Seat: 24K

Route takes us up over Nevada, Utah and into Canada, across the Atlantic Ocean and on into the Netherlands.

This aircraft has recently visited:
Toronto Pearson International Airport CYYZ/YYZ, Seoul Incheon International Airport RKSI/ICN, Beijing Capital International Airport ZBAA/PEK, Houston Bush Intercontinental Airport KIAH/IAH

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Los Angeles International Airport KLAX/LAX
Amsterdam Schiphol International Airport EHAM/AMS
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  1. can anyone give me helpful advice on everything from walking into the airport to going on the plane and landing? I will be flying to Amsterdam in August and this is my first time flying on a plane and traveling alone.

  2. Lucky you Jay.That was a great decision to fly with a 744 before they will be retired.I have flown with a KL M's 744 from Mexico city to Amsterdam 15 years ago and I still remember every detail of this magnificent jet and the flight.I love the queen of the skies.Thanks buddy for reminding me of this special flight I had with this spectacular video.

  3. Great video!
    Really love the flying times of KLM beacause takeoff and landing are with daylight 😀 Perfect for planespotters!

  4. I hope you have Film of Delta at Amsterdam. Great Flight. You did see Etihad's 777, Qatar Airways 777 among other aircraft at LAX including 747s, A380s and 787s. 3 more weeks till Emirates starts daily flights to Newark.

  5. Schipol is a great airport! I went From Amsterdam to Minneapolis/St Paul a few years ago through to KLM and it was great! The airport has a nice variety of food from the Netherlands

  6. You went to Netherlands? I never went to Europe before, not even one time. But at least I was onboard this aircraft to go to Southeast Asia.

  7. Awesome Jay! Great camera work as usual. Loved the Airbus A-380s lined up in a row that you filmed while your jet taxied out to the runway. I've been on a 747 several times before including way back in the day, (early 1980s) when American Airlines had them as part of their fleet.. Admittedly my dream flight would be aboard an A-380! One of these days!

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