Today was a pretty sad day, but also a really fun one! Today United had their last ever pax 747 flight from San Francisco to Honolulu, recreating the very first United 747 flight 47 years ago! It was great to hang out with everyone at the event, make new friends, chat about planes, etc! We got a little worried as the plane had to call maintenence while holding short of the runway, and later said it needed to go to the super bay to have a little maintenence done, but thankfully they got the problem fixed and departed! Im really gonna miss seeing the 747 reguarly! She is my favorite plane!!! Anyways, Enjoy and more to come!!!


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Plane: Boeing 747-422
Registration: N118UA
Airline: United Airlines
Livery: 747 Friend Ship
Flight Number: UAL747
Origin: San Francisco International KSFO
Destination: Daniel K Inouye International / Honolulu HNL / PHNL
Flight Time: 5 Hours, 11 Minutes
Runway: 28R
Spotting Location: Westfield Garage
Date: 11/7/2017
Time: 12:00 P.M. PST
Camera: Sony HX-200V
Tripod: Pearstone VT-2100




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  1. Hi Nick,
    Is there any chance that I can get a little clip out of this to include in a special video I'm producing about the farewell? I will mention your channel indeed.

  2. That ain’t the last one, because N121UA will depart SFO tomorrow for VCV, which will be the official last 747 leaving the hub.

  3. Why so many dislikes!!! Your footage is fine and I sure wish I were there to capture this historical event. Great video! I've got FlightRadar open next to me and It just touched down as I type this.

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