This video serves as my goodbye to the United Airlines Boeing 747.


The primary purpose of this trip was to make sure to capture a bunch of footage of the United Airlines Boeing 747-400s before they are eventually all retired.

I’ve been lucky enough to have watched them takeoff and land at Chicago O’Hare all through my growing up, filming them throughout recent years and eventually even riding on one from San Francisco to O’Hare . You can watch that video here:

(HD) United Airlines Boeing 747-400 Wing View San Francisco Takeoff – Chicago O’Hare Airport Landing

Even my favorite airplane for a time was N121UA, the Star Alliance Livery Boeing 747-400 before it was eventually changed to the standard United-Continental livery…


I love this location overlooking the Alpha and Bravo taxiways and Terminal 1 ramp at San Francisco International Airport KSFO/SFO…. it’s a place you could spend all day every day and see so much awesome airport action. SFO has some other great spotting locations but this one is my favorite even if it does require you to clear airport security to get to….

Takeoffs in the distance are on runway 28L-28R.

Aircraft/Airlines Included:

United Airlines Boeing 747-400, 777-300ER, Boeing 787-8 787-9 Dreamliner, Boeing 757-300, Delta Air Lines Boeing 767-300ER, Kalitta Air Cargo Boeing 747-400, Alaska Airlines Boeing 737-800, Singapore Airlines Airbus A350-900, Air Canada Boeing 787-9 Dreamliner, All Nippon Airways Boeing 777-300ER, USCG U.S. Coast Guard Eurocopter HH-65 Helicopter, (Trans Canada Livery) Air Canada Airbus A319, Air China Boeing 747-8 Intercontinental, Air New Zealand Boeing 777-200ER, Lufthansa Airbus A380-800, Air Canada Airbus A320, Scandinavian Airlines Airbus A340-300, Air France Airbus A380-800, Turkish Airlines Boeing 777-300ER, Swiss Air International Boeing 777-300ER, EVA Air Boeing 777-300ER, Japan Airlines JAL Boeing 777-300ER, British Airways Boeing 747-400, Aer Lingus Airbus A330-200, Lufthansa Airbus A340-600, Finnair Airbus A330, Koreean Air Cargo Boeing 747-8F, etc.

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Planespotting San Francisco International Airport KSFO/SFO 2017
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  1. This takes aviation film making to a totally different level Jay. Enjoyed every second, and my 3 year old autistic grandson was mesmerized for the whole video. Thanks so much.

  2. Jaaaaay never fails to impress. What a stunning compilation my friend. So many amazing catches! Especially liked seeing some UAL 747's. Well done!! 🙂

  3. I loved this video, I was fortunate to be on the field at ORD when the last 747-400 for United N127UA flew to SFO. It was quite the event and I have plenty of picture footage, sadly that aircraft is in Victorville and is retired, the Queen will be missed, she was a huge part of my life as a boy until now. On the flip side those new 777-300's are really pretty and we're seeing them at O-Hare, God rest the Queen of the skies, thank you for the memories and the travels.

  4. I am in heaven. Get to watch a nice long video from the best there is(yes u are) on the trip to downtown Chicago to watch Hockey. Hawks vs Bruins. Love all the 747's. This will cheer me up after that abysmal performance from the Bears. Oh Jay they are awful completely ridiculously BAD!!!. Thanks as always

  5. Ah, San Francisco. Nothing beats a ride along the Golden Gate Bridge, a tour of Alcatraz Prison and fine dining at Fisherman's Wharf. What a great time lapse film of SFO Airport from Early Morning to Evening. United Airlines will end their 747 flights in November with their final flight to Honolulu. They've had a good run in the skies. Nonetheless the 787s and 777s are excellent successors to the Jumbo Jet. On Friday October 27 2017 United Airlines starts daily nonstop 787-9 flights between LAX and Singapore. British Airways is increasingly the sole airlines flying 747s on Commercial flights.The new 8,770 mile flights couldn't be even conceived by the father of the 747 Joe Sutter let alone be flown using 747s yet the Dreamliners are capable of flying in excess of 9,000 miles. Next Summer United Airlines 787 flights starting between San Francisco and Zurich complementing Swiss 777s. United will add further international flights at SFO possibly with Dreamliner flights to Rio de Janeiro, São Paulo, Santiago de Chile, Buenos Aires, Rome, Manila and Riyadh.

  6. Same reason I went to SFO in March. Had to see the UA 747s before they all retire. Sad to see such birds retired. Southwest also retired all of their 733s yesterday. Great video! Love this different perspective.

  7. I don't want to imagine how tired and exhausted the pax from the Singapore A 350 must have felt during the taxi to their gate. 15 hours mostly at night. Uaaah…..

  8. 2 hours? WOW, you had a successful trip! Good to see some SFO traffic from a new perspective, and a nice farewell to the UA 747 🙂

  9. Great video! The 747 will always be the greatest airplane ever made. I wish US carriers would invest in the dash8 (747). I have flown on it twice. Blows the 380 out of the water!!

  10. Jay, there's nothing better than seeing airplanes race to the runway on the 28s at SFO. There's no place else in the world where you can see that! Gotta love it. And the 747 will be repurposed.

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