Landing during a tropical storm at Hong-Kong Chek Lap Kok with a KLM Martinair Cargo Boeing 747-400BCF


  1. Вопрос: – а реверсор включать, это тягу на полную и реверсор переключатель что ли? Или ? Ну мало ли пригодиться.

  2. One of my "desert island" books would be Ernest K, Gann's FATE IS THE HUNTER, so I am happy to have found "The Pilot Channel". It is "cool" to get a pilot's eye view of takeoffs and landings. 09/05/2016

  3. That alarm sounding at 0:31 sounded like a demon straight out of hell moaning, "SURELY YOU WILL ALL DIE!!!!! HA! HA! HAAAAAAAA!!!" I would have shit my pants as soon as it went off. "What the F*#k was THAT!!??" I'm glad it was NOT a demon from Hell though.

  4. Some pilot help me out here with these landing vids. Okay, so the yoke moves in and out, left and right but the plane itself doesn't seem to be doing anything. Is that some automation keeping the plane level and on the right path, or is the pilot doing it himself?

  5. Just wondering if those windshield wipers should be made from clear plastic, and transparent material, rather than black. Will it make visibility just a tiny bit better?

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