Heavy Planes !! Boeing 747 and MD-11 Arrivals by UPS. The weekly Parcel planes arrive on a rather untypical runway at Cologne. Runway 24 is the shortest runway at Cologne and they had to land on this runway because the long runway 14L was closed due to construction works.

Every Sunday you are able to watch lots of United Parcel Service (UPS) Heavies arriving at Cologne. Cologne is the European hub of this Airline, which is based in Louisville, Kentucky, (US) The main runway (RWY14/32 – 4000m, 13120ft ) at Cologne was closed due to construction works. This was a fantastic opportunity for me to make some videos of fully loaded Heavies arriving on the relatively short runway 24 (2400m//7200ft). Did anyone see the rabbit? Thanks for watching, I hope you like it and as usual please don` t forget to rate.

Additional Information:
00:00-00:13 UPS3 N250UP MD-11F Dubai – Cologne
00:13-00:25 UPS203 N278UP MD-11F Louisville – Cologne
00:25-01:12 UPS1 N573UP B744F Hongkong – Cologne
02:17-02:35 UPS21 N254UP MD-11F Shanghai – Cologne
02:35-02:45 UPS9 N285UP MD-11F Almaty – Cologne


  1. Very nice captures. I saw on a documentary that the MD11 requires a faster landing speed due to the stabilizers. The documentary stated that no other large aircraft lands faster than the MD11. That would explain why they bounce so much when they land.

  2. The physical limits of the airframe and gear are far higher than traditional pax operations would tolerate; pilots don't grease the landings for the aircraft's sake. Nothing in this vid was out of tolerance for the capability of the aircraft. Keep in mind, some of these planes have been doing just this for two decades without breaking in half.

  3. Louisville, Kentucky man here. UPS is pretty much all the planes that come and go out of here since the airport isn't a hub for passenger planes. Anyway, those first few landings were hard. Maybe soft landings are a bit harder to accomplish with a lot of cargo? I always wondered if a plane makes a really hard landing, do they inspect the plane more aggressively for wear and tear after that specific landing or are they just built to take that kind of beating?

  4. Do you know some long videos / movies with planes in the air? I am looking for such a movie I saw once in a cafe in an airport. Just planes and biplanes flying, filmed from air. And thank you for your beautiful videos! )

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