Jumbostay Resort


  • Boeing 747-212B from 1976 transformed to a lodge with 33 rooms
  • The plane was initially developed for Singapore Airline but has also been owned by Pan Am, Swedish Transjet and other folks 8 other airlines
  • Opened to attendees in 2009
  • At the reception that normally takes put in the plane&#39s former small business course there is a cafe exactly where you can invest in every thing from breakfast, treats and alcohol
  • Value for just one night time ranges from 450 to 1850 Swedish kroner for each man or woman, whichever space you want



ARLANDA (ABC Information): Not significantly from the runways at Arlanda Airport outside Stockholm stands a airplane that will never be less complicated. Below you can slumber in a neat cockpit exactly where pilots from legendary Pan Am have beforehand pulled into the levers. The plane, a Boeing 747-two hundred jumbo jet from 1976, has been connected to the ground on Arlanda given that summertime 2008 and has gone from intercontinental flights to lodge lodging outside of the common.

It was the Swedish lodge contractor Oscar Diös who in 2006 just got a deserted plane to be marketed. Then the jumbojete was past flown by the Swedish constitution organization Transjet. When Diös received approval to build the airfield in 2007, the procedure of transforming the interior of the plane begun from having 450 travellers to look like a lodge with 33 rooms.

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From The cockpit accommodate&#39s have balcony will allow you to spell the plane as straightforward and landing at all Arlanda airport&#39s a few runways. Photo: Halvor Solhjem Njerve

Jumbostay, formerly Jumbo Hostel, is a flight-primarily based lodge that has early departures from Arlanda&#39s 5 terminals and if you are not picky in the space, you can have a inexpensive night time below for the duration of a stopover or Just before an early departure dwelling from a extended weekend in Stockholm. Nevertheless, if you are being in the most popular space you will have to have to expend a couple thousand flaps for each night time. The genuine cockpit in the airplane has been transformed into a lodge suite with personal bathroom.

For all those who are excess fascinated in air, it will be a little disappointment that most of the panels and switches have been taken out in favor of a double bed, Tv and Mini bar, but you can nevertheless desire away and enjoy the plane. Alongside one another with the cockpit suite, there is also a different lounge that was formerly the small business course bar of the plane and a personal balcony.

The cockpit suite is a popular space for newlyweds, and not least for airplanes. Below you can sit on the edge of the bed and see the planes gentle, land and distinct right earlier the window. If your head is not fascinated in the air, curious about the strange lodge or anxious with very good consolation, this lodging is not for you. If you only want a soft bed to slumber in, you get far better consolation for a more affordable money at the additional common inns at Arlanda Airport.

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P.S. If you continue to be in Jumbostay&#39s cockpit suite, be sure to lock the doorway. If not, you can quickly get surprising visits by vacationers from all in excess of the world who want to just take a nearer look at the lodge space you have paid out for.

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