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A window-shot of Boeing 747 making approach to Hong Kong International Airport (VHHH).


  1. this is B-747 idiot dont you know 747? 747 haves 4 engines! 737 has 2 engines 757 haves 2 engines 767 haves 2 engines and 777 has 2 engines and 787 too!

  2. If you're being serious: I love how there's always that one smart ass challenging something for every youtube video. It clearly is a 747 buddy.
    If you're joking: Hahaha

  3. @doccu i sat completely at the last row in the plane, i didn't reserved a specific seat so i got that place…
    HK was very amazing, the airport itself and its so modern there with big shops everywhere

  4. Hey, What happened to the old Kai Tak airport? I have heard about the new construction of Hong Kong airport.. can someone tell me whats up?

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