Spectacular Landing of #KLM #Boeing #747-400 at #SXM St.Maarten

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  1. Hi – I work at ABC News – Did you take this? If so, may we use it across our platforms/partners with a credit to you? If yes, comment AGREE

  2. Exactly! The same sissies who're terrified over this beach probably think nothing of jay-walking on streets with untrained, texting, civilian so-called drivers.

  3. Are you All idiots! I live there and NEVER we EVER had an accident or trouble or problem! You take care of your own cities full of contamination and corruption, leave us alone!

  4. Holy crap this KLM 747 actually landed past the numbers. There's one on here of a klm 747 slamming the deck right on the numbers which means the people on the beach almost got sucked into the engines.

  5. Some Plane, Some pilot.

    This thing weight hundreds of tons and it's flying … and that pilot is landing it with more accuracy that i am parking my car …

  6. Do you realize the chances of that happening? There are over 93,000 commercial flights alone a day and the odds of being involved in a fatal plane crash be it in the air or on the ground is the equivalent of flying everyday for 14,000,000 years before something happens, your argument is invalid lets just ban NASCAR races then shall we as the people are too close to the cars which by the way is more dangerous than flying huh, well how bout that!

  7. oh shut up, it's people like you who ruin the fun in life, it's something cool! It's something unique and it generates a helluva lot of money for the area, liability is the prison of us all.

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