Inside the £400million mansion in the sky: Amazing refit of Boeing 747 for mystery billionaire took three years and includes luxury bedrooms, a restaurant and even a VIP ‘chill-out’ zone

These extraordinary images show how an enormous jumbo jet has been converted into a luxury home for a mystery billionaire – complete with bedrooms, multiple lounges and an onboard restaurant.
The custom-built Boeing 747 is believed to have cost its ultra-wealthy owner £400million after it was customised to fit his specifications exactly over a three-year period.
The jumbo jet would normally carry as many as 600 passengers – but this version was built for just a single tycoon, although he will be able to fit dozens of guests.
It contains a large dining room where travellers can enjoy meals cooked in an adjoining kitchen, with a lounge and ‘state room’ at the back of the plane.
More sleeping space is provided in the ‘aeroloft’ on the top deck of the vessel, with eight full beds for passengers who prefer to get some shut-eye on flights.


  1. So, how is this a one billion dollar plane again? Is it 400 million pounds? 400 million US dollar? What billion then? australian? canadian? Or just clickbait-dollars?

  2. Lol how'd I know, just a bunch of gold plated stuff. Whenever someone wants to spend way more on something like a car/house/jet, just add gold! Probably $300m worth of gold on that badboy. That's quite a bit of extra weight, but hey, whatever. She's a beaut'.

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