The teenager, allegedly fifteen a long time of age or more youthful, was seemingly uncovered in Lagos in the keep of a Boeing 747 landing equipment of the Nigerian personal business Med-Watch Airline, In the working day of Saturday the return and return connection concerning the Nigerian economic capital Lagos and London.

“We are investigating this incident to identify how this could come about and to prevent it from taking place again,” Sam Adurogboye of the Nigeria Civil Aviation Authority (NCAA) .

The authorities “are disturbed by this incident for the reason that of its repercussions for aviation stability,” mentioned Mr. Adurogboye.

How this teenager could survive at an altitude of nine.754 meters stays a thriller, acknowledged Mr. Adurogboye.

In most cases, passengers concealed in the landing equipment of a very long-haul flight die of cold or asphyxiation. Their bodies typically drop in the air, near the airports, at the opening of the train.

Temperatures fall at -50 ° C concerning nine,000 and 10,000 meters, the altitude at which airliners fly. Landing equipment housings are neither heated nor pressurized.

Even so, seldom, survival cases are recorded.

In April 2014, in the United States, a 16-yr-old Californian teenager who had run absent survived a flight of extra than five several hours concerning California and Hawaii hid in the dock &#39An airliner. He had appear out alive on the tarmac at the airport in spite of the absence of oxygen and temperatures that could go down to -60 ° C through the trip.

In new a long time, a number of Nigerian illegal passengers have been found useless by cold or crushed by a wheel on planes linking Lagos to Johannesburg (South Africa) or New York (United states of america).

Hard residing problems push lots of Nigerians to undertake dangerous journeys in search of a far better foreseeable future overseas, and lots of also check out to cross the Mediterranean by boat to access Europe.

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