Onboard Iran Air Flight IR810 from Tehran to Mumbai. Takeoff footage from the Boeing B747-SP cockpit. Full HD video and audio.

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  1. Great video! The sound quality is amazing.Those P&W engines on take off thrust have a unique roar that is beautiful to hear.

  2. The classic Prat and Whitney engines, love how the engines howl to life when the thrust is set for take off. Absolutely pleasing to the ears

  3. I used to load and unload cargo freight baggage on iran air B4 at heathrow but I thought the SP has been phased out and scrapped and the vid operational SP in April 2016. If there are and iran air engineering staff or pilots who can give me a update please contact
    Me on my e mail : shiaimam12@gmail.com

  4. that vid is cool as shit. glad the pilots go pro-ed it. I'm just wondering if the Iranian government has thrown these pilots in jail or hunged them for doing this. I hope the pilots are ok. I'm also digging the classic Iranian mustache on the pilot 🙂

  5. Man this was so cool to watch. I haven't seen a B747-SP in the flesh for a very long time. That was such an awesome take off. Those pilots make it look so easy. Thank you for posting it.

  6. Time to order 747-800 and 747-800F( Freighter).Donate the 747 SP to the Smithsonian Air and Space Museum at Washington Dulles Airport and piss of the jews with that large Iranian Tail logo.

  7. Another great video by Sam Chui Thank you. IranAir is the first airliner which ordered the 747-SP in it's history.

    IranAir 5 stars

  8. Sam, this is an excellent video – thank you so much for posting!  The sound of those engines is just pure music.My first international flight ever in 1978 was on SAA – a 747 SP SYD-PER-MRU-JNB.

  9. The 747 Special Performance (SP) is the Chevrolet Corvette of the individual 747 family. It was developed for JAL for multiple takeoffs and landings and shorter flights but with lots of passengers. It is shorter, structurally reinforced and goes like a scalded cat!!!

  10. What an amazing video Sam, so great to be in the last public passenger flying SP and you had the best seat in the house!! Its interesting noting the several aeronautical performance records these planes set from the moment of there release in 1976, its no wonder they were popular for government transport and in some cases certainly still are in the UAE. Some day I would love to see the museum SP at Rand Airport [SAA] they also have their early 70's 200 series parked next to it. Your video's are a wonderful historical document but lets HOPE Iran Air keeps these older classics flying meaning this lovely SP and their [I think] 3 older 200 series.

  11. I am extremely afraid of flying, these videos have been a great help in understanding what goes on during take off and landings. Thanks for these videos Sam.

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