Iran Air Boeing 747-SP Tehran to Bombay full journey experience by Sam Chui.

Enjoy unparallel access to cockpit, with pilot’s briefing, cabin tour , cockpit takeoff and landing view plus engine view!

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  1. It's so strange to see how other cultures dress. What looks like a bathrobe to me is every day clothes for these people. I'd trust my life with these pilots any day!! Thanks for sharing!!

  2. Thank you for posting this video. I am watching it rather late and it appears that Iran Air has now retired 747 SP that is sad, I wish I had the opportunity to have flown in one. However, I'll have to make do with this video.

  3. Sam, fantastic video! you couldn't get any more of a real experience for take off and landing from cockpit as you did here! ty and glad I came across your videos!

  4. Chui you get along with every people on this earth, you seem like a nice and cool guy;)

    keep it up:)

    and nice to see the old bird flying, what a beauty:)

  5. You know Sam chui,actually you and the pilots were already violated the federal law! The pilot should not let people to come in when taking of or during the flights or landing,its strictly prohibited!And even the pilots let you to come in,you were also violated already.

  6. With Iran air there's a secret police man on board for anyone who wants to go into the cockpit you will have To go with that guy

  7. Listen when the captain asks for climb power………………GIVE THAT MAN HIS CLIMB POWER FE! Side Question your camera didn't have the flash on when you were taking all those pics on approach did it?

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