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Colm Conyngham presents: Flying Through A Giant Cumulonimbus Cloud In A Boeing 747

Born in Derry in 1967 Colm Conyngham was an enthusiastic flyer from a young age and became a member of British Airways’ ‘Junior Jet Club’ before his 9th birthday in 1976 at a time when long haul flying was not a common activity. Colm remained a happy flyer for many years up until his involvement in a serious air accident over West Africa in 1996. This led to Colm’s interest in how severe weather can be source of danger to aviation.

Professionally, Colm has worked in Public Relations and Marketing for the motor industry for almost twenty five years and is a branding and sponsorship expert having helped to build both the Mazda and Bridgestone brands after their entry into the Irish market in the late 80s and early 90s. Colm established the popular Bridgestone Irish Food Guides with John and Sally McKenna in 1991 and has played a significant role in making them one of Ireland’s most popular independent food guides. Colm is a graduate of the Dublin Institute of Technology where he studied management and public relations and has recently completed an M.Sc. in Public Relations at the University of Stirling in Scotland. Colm is a Marketing and Public Relations Manager at Bridgestone Ireland as well as a part-time lecturer in public relations at the European Institute of Communication.

Colm Conyngham survived a weather related air accident at a height of 35,000 feet while flying over West Africa en-route from Johannesbourg to Paris in 1996. The accident resulted in one fatality and inflicted serious injuries on many of the passengers on board. Colm will recount his personal story of this horrific experience and explain the dangers posed to aircraft by cumulonimbus clouds.

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