A growing number of airlines are ditching the iconic Boeing 747 for more fuel efficient aircraft. British Airways on the other hand are investing millions on updating theirs.


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  1. The Jumbo jet is the amazing aircraft. It's so beautiful. But until now she was old, she can not compete with other aircraft especially airbus A380.

  2. The problem about the 747 is about the way that it guzzles gas. The 777, 787, and A350 will probably succeed it.

  3. BA can spend as much as they like on this decrepit piece of crap! It will always be an ancient, noisy relic who should have been pensioned off years ago!
    BA's days of being 'The World's Favorite Airline' quite frankly, disappeared many years ago!

  4. I think the 747 is in trouble as a passenger aircraft, but has an excellent future as a freighter. It's sad seeing the 747 and A380 in trouble considering they're both incredible aircraft, but I feel like that twin engine aircraft have become impressively efficient in the time the jumbo has been around.

    Personally I'd love to see another Trijet come out, but that would be mostly relegated to freight as well.

  5. I took a Virgin Atlantic a340-600 on the Newark Liberty International Airport to London Heathrow on August 3, 2013. But, I went on a Boeing 747-400 on the London Heathrow to Newark Liberty International Airport on August 23, 2013.

  6. It will be sad day, when the mighty 747 is no longer made, but there will still be a need for the freighter version.

  7. why not make a twin engined 747? For example a 747-9X with two GE9X engines while keeping the hump on top? Sounds like a good idea

  8. when this beast finally retired and flight for the last time, i'm gonna goddamn cry and i'll never forget the mighty 747

  9. I like that air force 1 is going to be a 747-8!!! Way to go!!! This aircraft should be around for as long as possible as it's the quintessential model for aviation during this era.

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