Jumbo Hostel Stockholm Boeing 747 Hostel
JumboStay Hotel Stockholm

A unique and interesting Boeing 747 hotel. This Boeing 747-200, built in 1976 and originally owned and operated by Pan Am was converted into a hostel hotel and is right next to Stockholm Arlanda airport.

It features 33 rooms and has great views of the runway from the wing walk and is very easy to reach from the airport with a free shuttle bus.

If you want to book a room then why not check out the website

I had a really nice stay and was in room 738 which looks out over the flaps of the 747.


  1. Spent a night here two days ago in one of the engines. Will go again this spring and next time I plan to stay in that room where they pull the landing gear for the duration of the flight. That is a room as well 🙂

  2. Amazing!! I didn't know about this hotel. If I ever go to Stockholm I will visit it, at least just to watch it! Thanks for sharing 🙂

  3. The plane was owned by Singapore Airlines until 1983 and sold to pan am It was delivered in1976 and was registered as 9V SQE It then passed on several owners until it was converted into a hotel

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