Loading of the cargo followed by the full take-off from Bangkok Suvarnabhumi Airport.
KLM Martinair Cargo Boeing 747-400ERF


  1. Hmmmmm v2 set to 161 my guess they didn't fly nonstop to AMS from there but made another landing at another airport

  2. Securing the cargo in place is the most crucial part of this, because if it shifts position during flight, bye bye!

  3. These pilots know how to fly manually. Most of crews turn on autopilot few seconds after take-off and for landing. If Air france or Asiana pilots practiced more manual flying they would probably not have crashed

  4. 1. How long have you been flying the 747-400 and freighters 2.Great videos3. If you know anything about pmdg i gonna be upgrading from the 737 to 747 somwhat can you tell thats somewhat helpful to understand about the 747. Sorry if its a dumb question lol.

  5. I get it.Stevie Wonder was video taping this. OUT OF FOCUS BS. stop trying to zoom in on a very large plane on the runway.  LOL Failure. Learn your camera before you use your camera.

  6. Always been curious if the 4 fuel cutoff switches that are right down in the middle of all the radios etc in the center console have an interlock once the engines are running, so you can't accidently turn them off and kill your engines.. I've watched other 747 videos that show engine start and all I can see is there are 4 switches, that look like circuit breakers on the center overhead and the 4 fuel cutoffs and it appears thats all there is to starting the 4 engines on those beasts…

  7. All these gripes about not using A/P after initial climb out….what exactly is wrong with flying manual????…..should be done more often

  8. Approximately, 8 minutes without engaging the autopilot…….why??!!
    How he changes heading & altitude while L/V nav keep illuminating (engaged )??
    They should disengage since he doesn't follow FMC route plan…

  9. this is the first time i see a 747 take off without using the auto pilot function after take off. i can clearly see the pilot actually flying it manually until the video ended. im amazed.

  10. 05.09 what is he doing with that button?? Im still confused about that button function in the throttle…..

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