Here is Korean’s brand new Boeing 747-8 (delivered 17 November 2015) touching down at Auckland Airport, the first 747-8 ever to land in New Zealand! Enjoy!
My apologies there’s no ATC and the footage is a bit shaky, I was just in time to catch it because of traffic holding me up.

Airline: Korean Air
Aircraft: Boeing 747-8B5
Registration: HL7633
Flight: KE129
From: Seoul (ICN)
Airport: Auckland International Airport (AKL)
Date: 6 January 2016

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  1. I got to see one of the last flights of this aircraft at Auckland.Sadly Korean Air now flys a Boeing 777 on the route instead of this great aircraft.

  2. Beautiful lines, it's even better than the -400 a work of art, please don't waste time putting the 380 in the same category, it's a flying brick butt ugly.

  3. Wow, what a beauty! This is the best airliner in the world. Maybe not cost-effective for some carriers, but beautifully engineered.

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