For the intro sequence of our first Omnimax/IMAX film “Picture Holland” we attached an IMAX camera to the belly of a KLM Boeing 747 to film the touch down from a unique angle.

Approach from the East over ‘Amsterdamse Bos’.
Over the’ Grote Speelweide’ the wheel wells open and the gear comes down.
Later than usual, causing some alarms to go off, but we had a great flying crew that managed to wait till the last moment to create the right visual effect.
Four sets of four-wheel bogies and the nose-wheel assembly descend like bunches of grapes.
Pass over the ‘Ringdijk’ canal and the A9 highway towards the 09-27 runway, known as the ‘Buitenveldertbaan’.
Then the smoke from the wheels hitting the runway. And after a quick stop we put in a new roll of film (1000 ft for 2 1/2 minutes) and took off again for another take. We did four of them this way.


  1. You're absolutely right Denis, The orignal was shot in 70mm, there was no HD video at the time. On YouTube was a fragment scanned to 1-inch video, duped to Betacam-SP, digitized to low-quality mpg some 10 years ago.
    I went back to the Betacam and 'upscaled' it as you called it to a 720p HD format to get a slightly better picture. Hence the: Now in HiRes.

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