Two weeks ago I visited Amsterdam Schiphol Airport to film the last comercial cargo flight of a Boeing 747-200 which is owned by a private US company. Kalitta operated the B747-200 for many years and 14 years ago a Kalitta Boeing 747-200 was the first B747 I saw. That was one of the main reasons why I tried to film the 747 Classic for the last time. Now it` s stored in Oscoda among multiple other B747-200 Classics which used to fly to Kalitta. Kalitta upgraded its fleet with more modern B747-400` s but it` s quite sad to see the B747 Classic disappearing from the skies.

There are still a few active B747-200 Classics, but I am not sure how long the 747 Classic will survive. Current operators are: Trans Avia Export, Fly Pro Air, Fly Georgia, Uni Top Air, The Cargo Airlines (Civil) and US Air Force, Iran Air Force (741) ((military)). If you know other companies which still operate the 742 you can let me know in the comment section.

Within the past years I filmed a few 747 Classics and I added a B742 compilation after the last Kalitta departure. It` s mainly about Kalitta but there are a few other comanies, like “Cargo Airlines”, “Air Atlanta”, “Veteran Avia” and “Rayyan Air”.

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  1. The Boeing 747-200 of Kalitta (N793CK) has a new job 🙂 The Cargo Company (TZS) from Georgia bought the B747 and is currently preparing the old lady for its new life. Great news in my opinion !!

  2. When I worked for IAS at KIAH in 1999, one of our clients was Kalitta Air, but they only used their 727-200's. To my knowledge they never used the 747's to KIAH.

  3. That specific plane (N794CK) is just over 30 years old. Just amazing. And it's only in storage, not even scraped.

  4. ABSOLUTELY FANTASTIC shots of this Iconic airplane . Thanks for sharing… I think the 747_200s were the basis of the E4B which are more Hardened against EMP than the successors.. They don't have glass cockpits.. I would prefer the dials and gauges anyday … Newer isn't always better …

  5. My uncle, used to work as A&P mechanic for Connie "The Bounty Hunter" Kalitta at Willow Run Airport in Ypsilanti, MI years ago. Back before they moved most of the maintenance operations to the closed down Wurtsmith AFB in Oscoda, MI. Many times…I got to explore the 747's, DC-8's and DC-9's they maintained. It was also fun….getting VIP treatment at NHRA Drag Races with Team Kalitta years ago too…..

  6. A fitting tribute to the 747-200 with Kalitta. You have some really nice footage here. I only ever managed to see them once at London Stansted. Well done on showcasing this Boeing classic in your end of era tribute. Enjoyed the sights and sounds.

  7. What is the limiting factor with regards to 747-200 operations? Are there no serviceable engines or is there a lack of some other spare parts? Airframe life? Fuel consumption?

  8. There's Caspian Airlines of Iran ; according to Wikipedia, it has a 747-200F for commercial operations (registered EP-CQA) ; the military 747-100 for Iran air force (also operated by Caspian) is registered EP-CQB

  9. I'm just a girl who LOVES planes, trains and automobiles, but I was awestruck at the sharp angle of ascent in that first take-off on a relatively short length of runway! wowsah . . . I used to lay on my back at YVR and watch the Jumbos come in right after the other, and was still amazed at how close they felt to me on the ground ~ all that immense weight seemingly hanging in space right over me before touching down! I realize I was not monitoring cargo aircraft with their immense payload.

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