This video features a Lufthansa Boeing 747-400 D-ABVX seen taking off from Runway 26R at the Vancouver International Airport YVR beginning the long flight to the Frankfurt International Airport FRA as Lufthansa Flight 493. Enjoy this close-up view of the Queen of the Skies shot in 4K Resolution on the Panasonic VX870. The 747 is still one of my favorite heavy aircraft, such an iconic plane after all these years.


  1. What a splendid video of one of these impressive aircraft.

    Would you have any objection if I were to use fragments of the audio from this and other of your videos as sound effects in a free, open-source non-commercial computer game called Simutrans under the Artistic Licence 1.0? This clip is particularly useful, as it is a good, clean recording of a takeoff of this aircraft I should happily credit you, of course.

  2. God save the queen! May she grace our skies for many years to come! Damn 777s think they have it all, with their super range, high capacity, and better fuel economy :/Lol great video, love the jumbo in all its liveries. Like from the AirbusObserver

  3. What a beautiful background, absolutely stunning, and then this beautiful Jumbo rotating almost infront of you… What more do you need? Lovely work THDA! Liked very much 😀

  4. Stunning rotation there mate. What date did you take this? Reason I ask is because im sure I saw this one quite recently. Nicely caught though mate, Liked 🙂

  5. One of the best liveries on the 747 to date!! That rotation was so graceful and nothing but beautiful – Hats off to you my friend!! Superb work – Liked!!

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