Lufthansa Flight 456 arrives at LAX from Frankfurt. First filming location (March 5) taken from the park by In ‘n’ Out Burger off Sepulveda. Second location (March 6) taken from Westchester Parkway.

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  1. 747 looks deformed and too sharp not to mention too noisy for today's world. 380 just looks far more elegant barely gliding when landing along with being way more quiet. It looks fat but it will be stretched out and then it will be far more proportional.

  2. I bought a Lufthansa 747-8I ticket from Dulles in D.C to Frankfurt mainly just to fly on this magnificent aircraft. I treated it as a vacation to Frankfurt, and I went sightseeing around towns that I've never been to before, but my main purpose of that vacation was to fly the 748. It is an amazing experience, and I couldn't believe I was actually in it. Sadly, I retired from Lufthansa before the 747-8I was part of the fleet, but if I were still flying, I would try my hardest to reach it.

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