A must-see flight taking us from Los Angeles back to Frankfurt.
Join me on this amazing flight with breathtaking views on the US Deserts and Palm Springs during the initial phase of the flight and the approach into rainy Frankfurt the next morning.
Flight time was 10 hours and 15 minutes.
Aircraft: D-ABY?
Flight: LH457
Date: October 9/10 2014


  1. This must have been the last row in the upper deck correct? I sat in 81A a few times and you can barely see the wingtip there.

  2. My ears are popping after that landing ! Wait a minute —- its just a video ! too much beer ! ha ha ! thank you very much, great flight.

  3. Ihr seid erstaunlich lange Richtung Süden geflogen . wo ihr eigentlich nord-östlich fliegen müsstet.. Wahrscheinlich um genug Höhe zu gewinnen , damit ihr die Rocky Mountains überfliegen könnt.. Ein geiles Video.

  4. wie waren die turbulenzen auf der route? ich werde die nächste woche fliegen und bin max. 5 stunden geflogen und hab da ziemlich repsekt vor um ehrlich zu sein..

  5. mautu ioapo luthansa boeing 747.8 los angeles to frankfurt fantastic viws of palm springs and the desert thonk you youtube videos in my loaptop compter thonk you  3.1.2015

  6. Awesome…if you ever fly over Southeastern Kansas I want a video…thanks lol. Keep up the great videos.

  7. Great vdo. Amazing engines sound and powerful takeoff. I have not yet fly B748i coz they dont fly to SEA from FRA.

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