Lufthansa Boeing 747-8 Take Off at Frankfurt Airport in bound for Los Angeles on July 3rd 2013.


  1. lufthansa has never been a fan of two engine large body aircraft !! they dpnt have not even one passenger type of b777…they fly mostly four engine aircraft by long range flights.they seem to be afraid of the engine failure, more than other commercial is interesting to observe that, in the age of 767s 777s 787 dreamliners, they insistedly decide for the b747-8 …the four engine version !!

  2. thanks to first of all Lufthansa that made relive the 747, thanks also to British Airways that still have 55 of them and thanks also to Etihad and other cargo that use the 748 !

  3. Both the 747-8I and the A380-800 are incredible flying machines. I'd love to be able to fly on these aircraft someday and savor the experience.

  4. People always try to compare the 747 to the A-380.  But that's like comparing a Porche to a Toyota.  They both have their benefits, but the 747 was conceived of 40 years before the a-380.  The 747 was a REVOLUTIONARY airplane.  The a-380 is more of a copycat/latecomer to the game.  Yes the a-380 was "more advanced" when it came out, more advanced than the 747-100/200/300/400.  But the a-380 had 40 years to prepare.  The 747-8 is now the newest Big Bird, but lets remember than the era of 4-engined planes is basically over, and the 787 and 777-X will takeover. 

  5. I'm wondering if this aircraft sells bad…3 years down and this one is the only one that can be seen here on YT…what's up?

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