Lufthansa Boeing 747-830 D-ABYC to Washington Dulles (IAD)
(Flightnumber: LH418) taxis and takes off at Frankfurt Main (FRA) on runway 25C

Don’t miss my “Frankfurt Airport Plane Spotting” video:


  1. I've fallen in love with this plane, it's by far my favorite airliner I've flown. I've flown this plane in Infinite Flight simulator and it's a 40,000 ft rocket I've gone twice as fast as the A380 at 40,000 ft. I could only max out at 279 knots in the A380 vs 480 something and was still slowly accelerating in the 747-8 it's really very very very very VERY FAST.

  2. I'll be flying it next week, Lufthansa as well and I can't wait 🙂 Already had a flight in 747 but that's gonna be firts time in 747-8 😉 and I really do lobe that aircraft!

  3. The Boeing 747-800 series is a beautiful aircraft. The Airbus A380 is just a big bitch. The Boeing is graceful and massive but not so massive to interfere with her beautiful lines. What a thing of beauty.

  4. Funny thing with all these posters trashing the 747 in favor of the 380.  For the 1st time in 50 years Europe comes up with a product that 'appears' to beat out the U.S. competition & you'd think they'd won a world war single handedly with all their bragging & horn tooting.  The 380 is just 'one' product & the jury is still out on it so don't go crowing too much or you may end up having to eat that crow.

  5. Thumbs Down. Here is why. OP…This is a almost 10 minute Bore Fest. Nothing Happens. Nothing Happens. You need to learn how to edit. Spielberg's Editor Michael Kahn is for hire. This is a good 2 minute video…BUT the ending..a building and a out of focus long shot of a 747.  Try again. Report Back. 

  6. I'm gunna get stacks of hate for this, but the A380 in my opinion is better, yes I do prefer airbus, they aircraft designs are all new and creative, whereas boeing just Improve old aircraft and rarely make new ones.

  7. So, more and more A380's in the sky…and still only two 747-8 passenger planes. Can anyone show me another vid to prove me wrong? Because I can not find any…

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