On December 10th, 2012, Lufthansa launches daily service from Los Angeles to Frankfurt onboard one of the industry’s most fuel efficient, elegant, and exclusive aircraft in the world. Onboard LH’s newest flagship, you can expect the unexpected. Experience the new legend of the skies.


  1. LAX is a nasty airport….just look at all the dead grass and weeds growing in between the cracks in the cement when the plane lands….the infrastructure in the U.S. is old looking, neglected, outdated and CRUMBLING. Most U.S. airports are nasty.

  2. love this beast more then a380 maybe cause I always saw it as a kid but a380 still bigger but something about the 747 fuck is so fucking amazing

  3. The A380 stole this plane's thunder, but I imagine this is such a major overhaul of the 747 that it is just as significant.

  4. Engineer Joe Sutter…….you gave to this world a thing of absolute beauty, now in dash 8 format, the 747 is the true queen of the skies, what a swan!

  5. The 747-8 is too quiet which I do not like personally. As big as the aircraft is it should have been menacingly louder. Miss those good old-fashioned aircrafts when one could hear it coming from miles away.

  6. The design of a Boeing 747-8 is really great, elegant, the swan of the air. But it is a pity that he is not efficent and therefore doomed. Very pity.

  7. >>> "Sie ist hier am Airport Leipzig/Halle "Lej" zu Trainingsflügen gewesen"
    TOOOLLL ! …und ich hab` sie im Jan. 2013 als ERSTER in – D –  enteist ! (:-D)
    (Hey, wow ! …and I was the first, to deiced this aicraft in Jan. 2013 !) (:-D)

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