1. Only for some international flights are when you are required to turn devices off and take headphones off at the same time for the flight. Lufthansa flights are an example

  2. Omg i could fall asleep while watching this Safety Videos…nice but damn boring…Look at Air France, TAP portugal, Air New Zealand, Delta etc…

  3. Why don't they say,thank you for your attention and have a pleasant flight? I think that the Lufthansa people who made this video need to add that in to the saftey video.

  4. Weis jemand was die dritt letzte Sprache ist was der Mann da spricht ? Did anybody know which language the third least speach from the man is (at the beginning of wishing welcome and so on)

  5. Hello and thanks for the video. Do you have the new version as well in German and English? And do you have the German Spanish version?

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