Hi guys, here I am again after a long time without videos!

This video is about Lufthansa Flight LH498 from Frankfurt to Mexico which I took in October 2013. It’s a little older but I hope you will like it anyway!

I flew in Economy Class in the new Boeing 747-8, which was one of the first routes in 2013.
I tried to capture all the emotions and feeling you get in the airport and on the airplane from the first to the last moment when you’re making an intercontinental journey/flight with Lufthansa!
I captured some nice views over Mexico City during the approach.

It would be nice if you could give this video some clicks and likes to spread the wonderful spirit of intercontinental traveling in the Internet!

Thanks so much for your support guys!

PS: You can really look forward to the video of Flight LH499 – It’s going to be amazing!


  1. I never envisaged you considering that new 747-8 better it is well thank you video youtube they are super. But of difference Line 747-400?
    I prefer you the 2, 747-400 +boeing 747-8i Lufthansa.

  2. Gracias por este estupendo video, es gracias a la tecnología como nos podemos deleitar y soñar con un viaje asi….saludos!!!

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