This morning Lufthansa toured Germany with its first Boeing 747-8 in the new livery. Flight LH9988 departed Frankfurt at 08:53, after a low pass over the runway at Cologne Airport this video shows the landing, stopover and takeoff from Dusseldorf Airport.



  1. Curious to see the new colors on the A380… on the A320s not so much but thats me… anyway thanks to Mylos, our European based videographer for getting up very early and getting down to very cold DUS to film this bird… he's off to Hong Kong this weekend for 10 days of filming a new Airport program there… Really looking forward to that… our last Hong Kong Airport film was extremely well received!

  2. A straight or wavy line of color from the nose to the tail would be more appealing and distinctive. Maybe different colors for each plane.

  3. It looks elegant and smart. But at the same time incredibly boring und desolate. It gives me the impression that Lufthansa loses its face with this new livery!

  4. What….Did….They…Do…?
    Whoever designed this livery needs to understand the meaning of "If it ain't broke, don't fix it". The original livery was just fine. I can't conceive the mind of whoever thought it would be a marvelous idea to modify it!

  5. Many years ago Marketing researchers showed that yellow and blue are one of the most memorable colors to use in a logo, while Blue alone does represent "professional" and "trustworthy" but not very distinguished and usually not memorable. Lufthansa had the perfect logo, while it was the industries oldest logo somehow it was already very modern, clean and VERY memorable, now it became nothing more than another blend corporate logo. They could easily fix it by painting the crane as yellow or something similar, it needs some color.

  6. I devinitly didnt like it. Very old old fashioned, booooooored colour, very frustating. Where the luxury gold disc gone. Never will find the Queen anymore

  7. It would look beautiful with only tail change, keep the grey engines and underbelly. Would look much more better than the yellow which I don't miss. But with this joon, Thai, style? Not loving it. Too many airlines going pure white. Thank you vietnam, American.. for keeping the sky's colourful.

  8. It is amazing no matter what paint an airline does their planes, someone is not going to like it. Some people are just unhappy people

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