1. Really nice access to all areas of the aircraft. The fuselage and wing dock platforms are really well designed.

  2. That Arab-211 engine is small compared to the current 747-8. The current biggest GE engine for aircraft is 115'000 pounds of thrust at 100 percent takeoff power. The first 747 had a total of 100'000 pounds of thrust and compared to a 747-100 which the pilot referred to is shorter and not as capable as the latest model in production

  3. Wow Tom, I think it wonderful that you have taken as your personal totem, the cocker spaniel. Woof, Mate and keep those ears clean because they are notoriously subject to problems.

  4. glad to know Boeing is much safer to fly now days then it was years and Years ago good video and enjoyed it

  5. honey dady fixed an engine? a Rolce Roys engine… you say that to your lil Girl.. seriously, what a joke..

  6. noticed one thing, the 2 pussies with kids and bragging about MOM fixing aircraft is seen only removing screws off an aircraft seat, all important crucial things are done by BOYS… clearly that sums up what are women good for in these fields right?

  7. At 4:20 the left Pilot's chair is so worn down. I doubt if it deteriorated in just six years. Classic British airways maintenance.
    At 5:12 the pilot is asked: What's the minimum amount of controls needed. These questions should never be asked nowadays. The Pilot's cabin of a 747 might be visited by wrong type of passengers who enjoy skyscrapers.

  8. i bet there can be serious errors in the rebuilding – sometimes creating dangerous flying conditions! lots of room for error

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