National Airlines Flight 102 (NCR102), MSN 25630 – N949CA, was a cargo flight which crashed shortly after taking off from Bagram Airfield on 29 April 2013, killing all 7 crew.

The airline has been operating the Bagram to Dubai route for a month. The aircraft had taken off on runway 03 at 15:30L and climbing through 1200 feet, when the nose of the aircraft nose sharply rose. The crew were heard on VHF air-band frequency reporting that some of the load of five heavy military vehicles in the cargo hold had shifted and the aircraft stalled. The aircraft crashed and erupted into flames on impact. The crash site was near the end of runway 03 within the perimeter of the airfield. All seven crew; four pilots, two mechanics and a load master were killed.

The aircraft involved was a Boeing 747-428BCF registration N949CA, c/n 25630 It was manufactured and first flown in 1993. The aircraft that crashed was branded as National Airlines although it was actually operated upon the operating license of Air Atlanta Icelandic for National Air Cargo until 2011. Upon this particular sortie, Flight 102 was flying on behalf of the Air Mobility Command.


  1. Load shift crashing through the rear of the plane taking out the jack screw that controls the elevators that controls pitch making it uncontrollable!

  2. Cargo was unsecured due to faulty manual,and unexperienced load master, caused the 12 tons MRAP (Mine-Resistant Ambush Protected Vehicle) located at the end of plane detatched and shifted towards the back of the plane, knocking off the No.1 and 2 hydrolic system on the airplane, that why in the video, the right main body landing gear was retracted but the left side and front was not, it also knocked off the black box of the airplane, therefore there were only 3 seconds of flight record been found after lift off, it cut off after that, but the plane still can be maneuvered with 2 hydrolic systems down and unbalanced center of gravity. But the MRAP kept moving backwards and it's rear bumper hit the jackscrew that control the entire elevator at the back of the plane, that ultimately caused the crash.

  3. I'm not being a wise ass, this is an honest question:

    why is their no explosion noise on impact?? was it edited out of the video??

  4. Cargo was not properly held in the bay and slid to the back therefore affecting the centre of gravity that changed the nose position on take off causing the Boeing 747-1/4 to stall

  5. How about those people who attach those heavy vehicles… ? Did they check whether the vehicles are attached securely before taking off … ???
    How about those people who gave orders to them … ???
    Why did they use a normal plane instead of military transport aircraft … ???

  6. he was quiet because he's from airbus. plus the more yapping you do, the less you'll get for that footage which was worth a lot.

  7. Would it have made a difference if a longer runway was used to get to full speed? E.g. if at 40,000 feet the tank or load became loose then would the plane have still crashed?

  8. if you play flight simulator x. the Quito approach mission, you are met with the same problem and you relay on your ap (autopilot) and navigation to fly loaded 747 without stalling because you are flying at 210 knots and making tight turns almost a 180 degree turn back since ATC vectors out 13 miles from the airport. although this is a jet taking off in this video, but my point this there

  9. What's wrong with this driver?! Does he not have words, in which to speak! I would be screaming!!! Wait a minute, I think I heard him mutter the F word. Wow

  10. So… I suppose we can't prove it because everything was obliterated… but I'm guessing that the load had already shifted by the point the aircraft comes into frame. It's pitched up so hard at the beginning; that's almost as disturbing to see as the crash itself. I know pilots flying out of Afghanistan climb very sharply to avoid rocket fire. Is it possible that might have contributed to the weight shifting and eventual stall?

  11. やばいなw10/4にセントレアに飛来したあのナショナルエアに墜落事故があるなんて…。

  12. my worst nightmare became truth ,before watching this video , this situation was only in my nightmares, it is the only way to make a 747 to stall ,, a huge force that make it s CG to displace to a dangerous position,,,,

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