New Boeing 747-8 undergoes extreme testing

Boeing test pilots have subjected the new 747-8 Freighter to some extreme testing. The plane has been dragged, dropped, soaked, forced to hover, shudder and flutter.

47 thoughts on “New Boeing 747-8 undergoes extreme testing

  1. Aguiar Ed

    I know that the US Air Force has invested an undisclosed amount of time into these tests of the Boeing 747-8. And I'm sure that after testing is completed they'll apply it to both Air Force One

  2. JoshDoesEverything

    too bad the 747 8 isnt being bought by airlines much anymore. shame, its far more beautiful than the a380

  3. bittasweet symphony

    all it is is a heap of aluminium panels attached to a series of structural girders with various hydraulics and electronics to steer.

  4. CAT RodRam

    Yes dude this is going to be the best comical plane ever hopefully it's better than 747-400 but I know this will be a amazing plane I love it can't wait till I ride it I'm so exited thank you Boeing for making this amazing plane I knew you were the best plane creating company which is 1000000000 better than Airbus Airbus sucks soooo much Boeing is so good I love you guys!

  5. Richard Mills

    one good thing about being a test pilot is. If you make a mistake and cause a million dollar pilot error crash. They cant punish u for it lol

  6. what up its d hizzle

    Me over here like, this is big yes, but I live 7 miles away from boing field in Everett and they have the dream lifters there and test them over my house

  7. Dieter Kieltsch

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  8. sammvoyager

    What sets Boeing airplanes apart from all the others is the amazing redundancy (aka -backups ) designed into its systems that they are indeed the safest flying machines.  Google <Free Fall> –true story of the 1983 Air Canada 767 flight that ran out of fuel on a long flight from Montreal to Edmonton at 41,000 feet & how the Captain, a Glider instructor, handled it.  The Canadian gov't had recently converted to the Metric weight system for its airplane fleet for fuel measuring.  ISBN 0-312-02919-5

  9. Balaji Thamizh

    I am an indian , one thing i love about Boeing is….its an american product, best quality in the world…..

  10. Alex Paumen

    I've flown the 747-8 in a simulator (yes I know that simulators aren't always realistic but the one I have is very realistic) and it is tremendous I have never experienced acceleration from a plane that size also it is fast, VERY FAST. I love it.

  11. Jacques Loubser

    All the effort in re-engineering a plain of 40 years old with new engines and wings and 2 connected yokes? In the same time Airbus did clean sheet designs of the A380 and A350. Re-engined the A320/1 , A330 and build an plant in the US. Does any Boeing fan have an updated order book schedule of A vs B? Please publish …

  12. Elgatovolador0717

    ny niece call it the monster but the 747 has the fame since the titanic the u p 844 challenger big boy the 611 and the mustang


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