An economy class trip report of United flight 902 from Frankfurt Intl. Airport (FRA) to San Francisco Intl. Airport (SFO). Our aircraft was an old-looking 747-400, which was refurbished about half a year ago. The economy cabin seats had very little legroom and no personal IFE. However, power outlets were available below seats. I read in the “United Hemispheres Magazine” that the airline has introduced some “new menu” and “new level of service” on all of its long-haul economy flights. The only difference of the “new” meals vs. the “old” meals was the wobbly tray that the food was served on. The food itself was still not of very good quality. I guess the meals are United’s main disadvantage. Overall, a pretty good flight experience, but in my opinion United could have done much better to improve the comfort and well-being of its economy class passengers…

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  1. The cabin seems very dated and I almost can't believe there is no IFE on each seat!
    I was considering United for a transatlantic flight this summer but I decided against it as it was an expensive airliner and after watching this video I think I did the right thing as the economy cabin is indeed very poor and food doesn't look all that tasty IMHO.

  2. i am going to travel for the first time with united Airlines in july 2017 and it worries me that for straight 11 hrs + fight they dont have individual tv screens i hope they have free WiFi available in Boeing 747-400….

  3. Actually, brand new airplanes have ashtrays in the lavatory. It is a FAA minimum equipment requirement. Even though smoking on an airplane is prohibited, the ashtrays are fitted in case somebody tries to sneak a cigarette, so there is a safe place to put it out. There may be some very old planes still flying with major US carriers that still have ashtrays in the armrest, although I would guess the seats have been refurbished or replaced so those are likely long gone. American has some MD-80's that date to 1986, Delta's are of similar age, and United has some 757's that were delivered in 1989.

  4. well they are phasing out their 747's and replacing them with their new 777's and 787's so that's why they haven't focused on them much it would just be a waste of money

  5. They still have ashtrays in newer aircrafts as well because if someone decides to break the law then at least there is a safe place to dispose of the ash. If they didn't and someone still wanted to test the boundaries the airplane could blow up

  6. nice flight, Yeah, the only thing i cannot tolerate is that UA 747 does not provide personal entertainment system to economy class…. But overall, really nice report, please checkout mine and sub if you like:)

  7. Delta and American 777 Business (separate from first) have 1-2-1 reverse herring bone seats, which are better than most European carriers and near the level of premium Asian carriers. Service has a lot to be desired though..

    Meanwhile, United 777 and 747 "business-first" (combination of business and first) is a 2-4-2 product similar to premium economy in the best Airlines, minutes the nice finishes, good service/food, and has the traditional United bargain basement design (plastics galore, no mood lights). It is probably cheaper though.

    I think United Airlines will become the Spirit Airlines of the globe very shortly.

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