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I am in Love with this Awesome Aircraft addon The Queen of the skies!

Thank you PMDG !

PMDG 747-400 V3 Released for P3D & FSX
Good VAS & FPS

Get yours now

MUSIC (Personal License) ( Epic ) by

Addons used:


(1) Flytampa Old Hong Kong VHHX
(2) Flytampa Amsterdam


PMDG 747-400 V3

British Airways
Air India
Virgin Atlantic

Camera Effect:
Ezdok V2


Active Sky 16
Gotoga projects Envtex

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  1. I think pmdg will lose market shares. They are not keeping up with the pace. Simply renewing a addon will not help you for longer. At this stage they must introduce their own simulator platform such as FSX, X plane and so forth. Every time you see their product they come up with the same problem over and over. For example, the landing gear still sinks onto the runway and ground friction. The taxi power setting is close to 40 percent N1, these are far away from real performance. In reality, power setting of 28 percent N1 will keep rolling even the most heavily loaded 747 400. These faults are inbuilt in FSX. They must introduce their own simulator. Being in the market for almost twenty years, it won't be a big issue for them.

  2. I just did a couple of bong hits and a few beers…blown away! aaaahhhhhhh!!!!! one thing though, does the latest version of the 747 have no tippy toes and/or winglets on its wing tips or I may starting to see things? hmmm?

  3. PMDG just started a 50% off introductory sale for the P3D version of the
    747 v2. Sales ends tonight at midnight GMT. Additional 15% percent
    off if you have previously purchased the P3D version of the PMDG 777.

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