How do you paint the world’s longest passenger aircraft? Lufthansa provides you with the impressive answer: Peter Brown, the Boeing aircraft painter, gives us an insight into his work. Transforming a blank airplane fuselage into a tailor-made Lufthansa showpiece is a lot of hard work, but the result is a flying mast. Find out more on

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Deutsche Lufthansa AG is a German airline with operations all over the world. Operating its airplane fleet through the airline group of Lufthansa Passage Airlines, Austrian Airlines, SWISS, Eurowings and other affiliates, Lufthansa offers the biggest worldwide flight route network.

With Lufthansa, you’ll not only experience excellent service, you’ll also benefit from Europe’s largest airplane fleet, including jumbo jets like the Boeing 747-8 or the Airbus A380. Visit our YouTube channel for the best Lufthansa commercial, cockpit view videos, pilot interviews and exciting travel tips!

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  1. Hi Lufthansa i want to say something to you 
    Replacing the E-195 with CRJ900s is a stupid idea 
    108 People vs 88 People 

    Don't replace the E195s with CRJ's because you will just go belly up because they are so small it is like trading a lunchbox for a soup can . 

    E-195s ( Awesome ) 
    CRJ900 ( Crampt and small )

  2. My airplane is still longer! If you know what i mean XD! Wait so is the b747-8 be owned only by lufthansa? Or will other airlines have it? Aswell

  3. I find it interesting that Boeing have that huge converted 747 to ferry parts for the 787. Why did boeing have to go ahead and creat another 747 cargo version when they could perhaps offer the 787 freighter 747?

  4. it is glad to know that lufthansa will fly 7478. both lufthansa and the 7478 are my favorites. now they got married and i can fly with them again in the 7478.

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