Silent film (Audio dubbed by me) by Vista Stock, c/o Getty Images. The original, doin’ her thing, first year of operations.

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  1. Anybody know the purpose of the small hump behind the main, larger upper deck hump? It can be seen well in this great clip !
    Only very early 747-100s had it

  2. My first 747 flight was as a lad aboard a Delta 747 from DTW to Miami in December 1970. Then later aboard a BOAC 747 from DTW to Heathrow. I seem to recall that Delta leased Pan Am 747s for a time in the early 70s.

  3. I remember as a 9 year old in 1972ish flying on a National 747-100. It was from JFK to MIA. Imagine that, a 747 flying that short route….

  4. Simply amazing! I remember the old 747-100's from my childhood.  . . This is clipper "Young America" if I'm not mistaken.  . .thanks for uploading!

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