crash of the century – Pan AM Boeing 747 & KLM Boeing 747 Crash – Tenerife

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  1. how can a pilot be an idiot without patience like that? death is not the end when you're dead after killing hundreds people by your fault. It's all caused by human. And, to that KLM's captain: FUCK YOU, IDIOT!!!

  2. Did you guys realize that they were not actually on that Flight and the little girl with her family or Robina's friend didn't you realize that when the guy took the family there was a blue line in the passengers windows and the rest of the airplane was white, and the KLM Logo was blue and they made it pretend the airplane was actually blue.

  3. Fucking wanker shouldn't of put nose up since if he didn't it can increase speed and it can take off faster but he thought that putting nose up can make it go up while it is slowing down.

  4. this is just agitating to hear that the pilot took off without clearance, poor victims ):, but i love how they added positive conversation between the passengers

  5. 4 минуты и 29 секунд воды и повторов, и только 5 секнд действия – ненавижу американские документалки.

  6. pan am pilot is like, he told me to jump off the bridge so i jumped off( report runway clear, okey runway clear)

  7. What the heck is the planes doing
    Don't show this to people you're crazy man who did it who showed me this is the worst video ever

  8. There multiple failures happening here. It isn't just one persons fault its a systems fault. Personal stresses of the pilot, miscommunication with the tower, and fear of speaking up to well renowned pilot. This is an example of a systems fail, where no one causative factor is at fault by itself. It is a multilayered failure of systems that unfortunately led to this horrible accident. This is an example of a systems failure. Hospitals should look at this and learn, in an attempt to prevent future hospital accidents as they are more common than one thinks.

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