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  1. I don't know… but I had a hard time understanding the check list. I speak Italian fluently, and somehow something got lost in the translation. Oh well, we all have learn and become very proficient at it. She is a pretty pilot.

  2. I wonder how long those pilots' cushion last……I mean, you have to break wind and such and if you get IBS, whoa…..what happens then?  It would be freaky to see the pilot and copilot leave the cockpit to go to the bathroom at the same time…you will have something to worry about.

  3. well done paola, u had lots of passengers wiz u n u had put them safe n sound on destination, wish u luck always.

  4. Yes Paola, congratulations you're a very good girl and have done very well !!!… let me patronise you further by offering you a cookie and a pat on the head.

  5. Paola is so pretty! I love how she smiled and played it cool the whole way through. Well done with the landing. Thank you JustPlanes love your videos!

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