Originally published on January 29, 2015.

The United States Air Force will replace its aging fleet of two modified Boeing 747-200 Air Force One Presidential planes with three new Boeing 747-8 jets, the U.S. Department of Defense announced on Wednesday.

This animation introduces the basic design of aircraft and some of its advanced security features. As Reuters reports, “Boeing welcomed the Air Force’s decision to skip a competition and opt for the 747-8, citing its 50-year history of building presidential aircraft.

“The Air Force said it intended to award a sole source contract to Boeing, but they must still negotiate a contract and the modifications needed to adapt the jet for presidential use.

“The Air Force now operates two VC-25s, specially configured Boeing 747-200Bs. Details about the new contract, including cost, were not released.

“It said it planned to purchase enough of the technical baseline to permit competition for maintenance during the plane’s planned 30-year life.

“James said the Air Force One program would use proven technologies and commercially certified equipment to keep the program affordable.

“The Air Force decision was widely expected since the only other suitable four-engine jet is the A380 built by Airbus (AIR.PA) in Toulouse, France.

“The 747-8 is the only four-engine commercial jet Boeing makes, providing an extra margin of flight safety over the more standard twin-engine planes.

“But the Air Force order for a few 747s might not extend the life of the 747 program, which has failed to capture much business in recent years.

“Boeing was clearly trying to preserve production so it could fill the Air Force order, said Richard Aboulafia, an analyst at Teal Group in Fairfax, Virginia.

“Now that the firm order is there, he said, it might be an opportunity for the program to end.”


  1. So, now the truth is finally coming out that 4 engines are safer than 2 on an aircraft. For years, we've been lied to that twin-engine aircraft are just as safe . Yet, the federal government obviously disagrees.

  2. US Air Force will actually buy 2 used Boeing 747-8Is that will be modified into the future Air Force One fleet which were originally ordered by a Russian airline that went bankrupted in 2015 and the planes were keep stored in a hangar to prevent corrosion as a cheaper alternative rather than building 2 modified 747-8Is from scratch so Donald Trump doesn't permanently cancel the orders for the new Air Force One fleet.

  3. The US Air-force had to replace the present Presidential 747's. That's because —-
    — after 8 years use by Obama & Hitlery — they couldn't stop the whining & bitching..

  4. Instead of 3, they should 5, 2 for the Vice-Presidency. If POTUS suffers a heart attack and passes away in DC, and VP is flying home from a meeting in Bruxels, he becomes POTUS and should be on board a signature Air Force One (747), with all the tech perks

  5. my son said he wanted to know all this terrible stuff he said one that he will be flying with the Air Force One in the army jets so thanks for telling me about all this stuff so I can tell my son I'm all about it

  6. Why do they always f*ck up the the model? That was a 747-400 and the videos about the Concordia they used a different ship

  7. I like how the title says "chooses" 747-8, as if there was some sort of competition. Airbus didn't even bother putting a bid in as the US was only ever going to pick Boeing. Just look at the KC-X programme, that was a complete mess and what ever you do don't talk about the CSAR-X or VH-X programmes.

  8. Whew!!! I thought they were replacing the 747s with Airbus A380s, nothing says "The Americans are here" more then the Boeing 747 which shows the pride of American aviation

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