Before AIR FRANCE retired their last Boeing 747 JustPlanes had the tremendous honor to film a roundtrip from Paris to Mexico City and with a fantastic Training Pilot who flew the Jumbo for decades! As a result this becomes a 4+ hour classic historic documentary hugely popular in our Cockpit series. In this clip you see the view from 1 of the 6 cameras in the cockpit during landing. The full video is available at



  1. Happy Sunday morning!! Here a lovely landing on the "Queen" with Captain Merkovic who did an outstanding job on this 747 film! We hope our paths will cross again as he's now an instructor on the Boeing 787. Meanwhile I hope you enjoy the rest of the weekend and I will prepare a nice little treat on Tuesday to celebrate the final United 747 flight into Honolulu!!!

  2. A380 is great but I really miss Air France’s 744!
    I was luck enough for taking a jump on the Atlantic MEX-CDG in 2015, a few moths before its retirement!

  3. Beautiful baby, beautiful, the iconic Boeing 747 will remain in history forever remembered. Amazing, truly enjoyed it, like the sounds by the way of the machines and electrical equipment humming……Allahuakbar!

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