Whenever I am flying, the most amazing part of my flight is watching other contrails passing by and that` s what I tried to film this time. Of course I was not inside a plane, I filmed these planes with a telescope focal distance from the ground. Taking pictures and filming planes with contrails at cruise altitude was one of the most amazing parts of planespotting for me since I was a child. Usually I failed to get acceptable results but this time I was finally satisfied with the footage. I filmed this with 1600mm.

Featured planes:

1.) Emirates Airbus A380, Dubai – Birmingham
2.) Air Bridge Cargo Boeing 747-8, Amsterdam – Milan MXP
3.) Thai Boeing 777-300, London Heathrow – Bangkok
4.) Etihad Airbus 380, Abu Dhabi – London Heathrow
5.) Air France (Skyteam livery) Boeing 777-300, Tokyo – Paris CDG
6.) Korean Airbus A380, Seoul ICN – Paris CDG
7.) British Airways Boeing 787-8 ??? – London Heathrow
8.) US Air Force Boeing C-17 Globemaster ??? – ???
9.) Singapore Boeing 777-300, Singapore – London Heathrow
10.) Emirates Airbus 380, London Heathrow – Dubai
11.) Garuda Indonesia Boeing 777, Singapore – London Heathrow
12.) Qatar Cargo Airbus A330-200F, Doha – London Heathrow
13.) Thai Boeing 777-300, Bangkok – London Heathrow
14.) Emirates Sky Cargo Boeing 777-200F, Frankfurt – Mexico City
15.) Cargojet Boeing 767-300F, Cologne – Hamilton
16.) Volga Dnepr Antonov An-124, Leipzig – Ougouadougu
17.) Qatar Boeing 787-8 with a hugh dustspot – Doha – Manchester
18.) Jet Airways Boeing 777-300, Delhi – London Heathrow
19.) Turkish Airlines Airbus A330, Amsterdam – Istanbul
20.) Emirates Sky Cargo Boeing 777F. Amsterdam – Milan MXP
21.) ULS Cargo Airbus A310, Istanbul – Maastricht
22.) Transavia Boeing 737, Amsterdam – Corfu
23.) Qatar Airbus 350, Doha – ?
24.) Etihad Airbus 380, Abu Dhabi – London LHR
25.) Moon

Thanks for watching.


  1. Amazing to get such results from ground level ;managing to home in on the aircraft and then hold it in shot is phenomenal .

  2. Just a FYI for the uneducated. That's actually water vapor or condensation coming out of the engines. Not poison chemicals as the conspiracy theory folks believe. Same effect as breathing onto a cold glass or window. It just hot gasses hitting very cold air creating water vapor..

  3. I live in Las Vegas, so I get most of the Los Angeles to Europe/Europe to LA flights passing over here at 35,000+ feet. Its a blast to watch the map on FlightAware and look outside and see the plane go over.. Haven't tried the super-telephoto lens yet to take a picture of them yet

  4. thank you for the effort, I was going to say did you need a telescope for this thing? then I read your intro to this video. let's go back to DUS for some airport action! yeah!

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