Trailer FRA-LAX
"The last flight of the lead wolf"
After 38 years – lastly in the function of the Fleet Chief – Norbert Wölfle retires.
His last flight takes him to his favorite destination Los Angeles where he takes his crew and us to his favorite places.
As usual, we await explanations, anecdotes and exhilarating moments.


  1. Aber CPT Wölfle ist von der Fliegerei doch nicht losgekommen, hat sich reaktiviert und fliegt jetzt wieder, zumindest war das noch letzte Woche so. 

    Captain Woelfle is back on B747i. Still flying; at least last week. 

  2. i know this guy, he is a man of respect and a german man of FULL respect man to man, thansk fro bringing me home so many times!

  3. I wish they would do this for American-based airlines, because I can't understand what the hell they are saying, except for when the speak to Air Traffic Control.

  4. "Где же наша авиация, где наши истребители?" Спрашивал генерал Ватутин в фильме"Освобождение"

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