pan-pot concert at the Mus

A live performance concerning rockets, civil and military plane

The Air and House Museum of Le Bourget residences on its tarmac a Boeing 747, civil and military plane of the twentieth century as perfectly as Arianne one and five rockets in life-dimension. It is in the midst of this decoration that will perform the functionality of the duo Pan-Pot. On the spot, 500 men and women will have the prospect to attend.

On line, thousands of men and women are anticipated to attend the clearly show mainly because the functionality will be broadcast live on Far more details on the Air and House Museum: ]

 pan pot concert at the Mus Circle, internet Television that creates t

Circle is a internet Television dedicated to the promotion of artists and locations with the objective of making and broadcasting electronic situations from unusual locations an excellent seem and visible expertise, and the wish to make listeners informed of French heritage, artwork and society. Just about every week, an artist and a location are highlighted through one hour of functionality from an unusual location, followed by an job interview by means of the Facebook Live.

Circle is not at its 1st consider because it has by now manufactured situations in lots of unusual locations close to the world: on the Eiffel Tower, at the Château de Fontainebleau, in the center of the Pacific in Tahiti or on the roof of the Montparnasse Tower, Cercle by now counts virtually 300,000 fans and more than twenty million sights a little more than a 12 months right after its 1st broadcast.

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