Air Show Pilot Gord Price flying an aerobatic display in YAK-50 Serial Number 01, with a 1900’ ceiling. For more information on Gord and the YAK-50 see the AIRSHOW TAB at

Gord served on RCAF 422 Squadron in West Germany as a CF-104 Nuclear Strike Pilot during the cold war. He retired from Air Canada as a Boeing 747-400 Captain in 2002, after 36 years service. Gord designed and built the Ultimate Wing for the Pitts Special and the Ultimate series of Aerobatic Aircraft after having built a Skybolt, Clipped Cub and Pitts S-1S. He flew the World Aerobatic Championships in 1980, 82 and 88 as Canada’s top scoring pilot. His personal best was the silver medal at The Hilton Masters of Aerobatics World World Championship in 1985. Gord, his wife Sandy, of fifty years and daughter Stephanie own and operate The Dam Pub, a Scottish Whisky Pub in Thornbury ON.

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